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The are products you want to sell in multiple units for several reasons and it is fairly straightforward to implement this in your Shopify store. But dependent on the theme you use it is more or less complicated.

Theme Independent Preliminary Work

Very often the specific multiple is valid for certain product groups. So in the first step you might want to define a specific product template for these products. See here for a description on how to do this.

Here we name the section your new template refers to product-multiple-of-three , such that you have the following entry in your new template.

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Edwin Savarimuthu showed in his blog how to add recently viewed products to a Shopify theme. In his blog he utilizes the routine from Caroline Schnapp and this was also our starting point for the adding of recently viewed products to the Minimal theme. While doing that we modified this approach and here we want to share our solution. Please understand it as part of our journey to learn more about the Shopify technology.

We started out with a Liquid snippet like Edwin but soon tried to build a section to be able to customize the new functionality. To achieve…

Our customer sells beautiful vintage violins and bows which are of interest for ambitious violin players and for collectors. For them the price of a violin is not the most important information and we are somehow reluctant to call out a price into the world for the more valuable violins. So we wanted to modify the shop such that a price-on-request is possible.

How to place a request for price form on the product page is nicely described on the Shopify community pages but we did not like the way it looked. Within the community pages is also the suggestion…

There is the very useful and nicely written Medium post Customise the product page of the Narrative theme in Shopify by pherakan where he also addresses how to integrate FlexSlider into a Shopify product page. I tried to follow his advice but ran into some problems which are the result of updates on the Narrative theme in the course of the last years. So here I would like to share what I found to work.

Standard product page

Following the route laid out by pherakan there are now nine steps required to reach the goal:

  1. Download Flexslider and unzip the folder. From the…

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